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It Started With a Kiss - 惡作劇之吻 [2005 CTV/GTV]

It Started With a Kiss - 惡作劇之吻

Ariel Lin 林依晨 as Yuan Xiang Qin 袁湘琴
Joe Cheng 鄭元暢 as Jiang Zhi Shu 江直樹
Jiro Wang 汪東城 as Jin Yuan Feng 金元豐
Tiffany Xu 許瑋甯 as Pei Zi Yu 裴子瑜
Cyndi Chaw 趙詠華 as Ah Li's wife 阿利嫂
Zhang Yong Zheng 許永正 as Jiang Ah Li 江萬利
Tang Tsung Sheng 唐從聖 as Yuan You Cai 袁有才
Zhang Bo Han 章柏翰 as Jiang Yu Shu 江裕樹
Aaron Yan 炎亞綸 as Ah Bu 阿布

Breif Synopsis:
After an earthquake destroyed Xiang Qin's house, she and her father moved in with the family of her father's college buddy, Uncle Ah Li. To her surprise, the kind and amicable aunt and uncle are the parents of her cold and distant schoolmate Jiang Zhi Shu, a genius with an IQ of 200 whom not too long ago rejected her endless crush on him. Will the close proximity give her a second chance to win Zhi Shu's heart? Or, will her love for him end under his cold words? What happens when there is competition for his heart?

Favourite Quotes:
“...我看過一部韓劇,劇裏男主角...無條件地幫女主角的小孩,我覺得這是非常令人感動的事情,所以你還是你的孩子永遠都是我的最愛!”阿金 - Jin (Jiro Wang), Ep 11
Jin, who has a crush on Xiang Qin, thought that Xiang Qin had spent the night with Zhi Shu, therefore she now carries Zhi Shu's baby. Jin said: "I watched a korean drama where the male lead unconditionally accepts the female lead and her child. It was really moving. You and your baby will forever be my most precious love!"

1. Dream Waltz (Instrumental)
2. Say U Love Me - 梁心頤+王威登 (by Lara+Jason)
3. 遇到 - 方雅賢 (Meet by Fang Ya Xian)
4. 愛情海 - 葉慶龍 (Sea of Love by Ye Qing Long)
5. 聼見 -方雅賢 (Hear by Fang Ya Xian)
6. Say U Love Me (guitar version)
7. 靠近一點點 - 梁心頤 (Come Closer by Lara)
8. 能不能 - 王威登+溫嵐 (Neng Bu Neng by Jason+Landy)
9. 全世界的人都知道 -王俞勻 (The Whole World Knows by Wang Yu Yun)
10. 和平世界 (guitar version) (Peaceful World)
11. 後悔 -何書宇 (Regret by He Shu Yu)
12. 惡作劇 -王藍茵 (Practical Joke by Wang Lan Yin)
13. Sky -葉慶龍 (English version of 愛情海) (by Ye Qing Long)


It Started With a Kiss - sheet music
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